Catarina Cavalieri

A native of Vienna, Catarina Cavalieri (1755 - 1801) was renowned for her fioratura abilities. "She could deliver a torturously demanding bravura aria with every note in place," according to the CD notes by Professor Dorothea Link. Mozart wrote a great deal of memorable music for Cavalieri. In a letter to his father, Mozart spoke of her "agile throat."

Nancy Storace

London-born Nancy Storace (1765 - 1817) possessed all the special qualities of a gifted comic singer: strong acting skills, an engaging stage personality, and fine musicianship. Viennese audiences adored her in lighter, simpler repertoire, and she later enjoyed a long and successful career in English comic opera.

Adriana Ferrarese de Bene

Adriana Ferrarese del Bene (c. 1760 - after 1804) studied in Venice and performed in London before arriving in Vienna, where she made her reputation singing serious roles in opera buffa. The publication Rapport von Wien reported, "She has in addition to an unbelievable high register a striking low register and connoisseurs of music claim that in living memory no such voice has sounded within Vienna's walls."

Luisa Laschi Mombelli

Luisa Laschi Mombelli (1763 - c.1789) came to Vienna in 1784. On September 25 of that year, the Wiener Kronic reported, "She has a beautiful clear voice...she is very musical, sings with more expression than the usual opera singers and has a beautiful figure!" According to Professor Link, "she performed an extraordinarily wide range of roles, defying classification as a singer."

Louise Villeneuve

Louise Villeneuve (fl. 1771 - 1799) appears to have started her career as a ballet dancer in Vienna. By 1789, her singing career had reached the point where she successfully replaced Laschi in Martín's L'arbore di Diana by virtue of "her charming appearance, her sensitive and expressive acting and her artful, beautiful singing," (Wiener Zeitung).